The best Mother’s Day gifts in San Diego!

The best Mother’s Day gifts in San Diego!

Are you looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts in San Diego? Daily Harvest Express can help!

Hey San Diego: Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 13! If you’re looking for healthy, delicious, and thoughtful gifts, check out the awesome edible gifts we have available in our store. Grown on local organic farms or made by our network of local artisans, we guarantee we have a gift your mom will LOVE!

The best Mother's Day gifts in San Diego! Daily Harvest Express

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Mothers, Food, and Loving Memories

If you’re like us, you probably have so many great memories of your mother that are centered around food — memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Maybe it was that one recipe she made every year for your birthday. Or those cookies she made when you were feeling gloomy. Or the healthy but delicious lunches she packed for you to take to school every day (even though your friends made fun of you for not having candy bars and sodas).

In addition to telling you where to find the best Mother’s Day gifts in San Diego (you’re welcome) we also wanted to share a few of the special “mom memories” from our staff:

From Ivonne:
Hmmmm, well I don’t think I had fast food until I moved away from home, thanks to my mom. As a mom now myself I often find myself reflecting on the power of love through our actions and my mom showed them through the food she served. My favorite: watermelon dessert! Yep, just cut up watermelon with some lime and hot sauce.

From Rafael:
When I think about my mom, I think about the incredible strength she had. From being raised in an orphanage to getting married and raising fourteen of us plus a gazillion grandkids — and she managed to love all of us no matter what we did! It did not matter how poor we were, she never complained and somehow she managed to make sure that all of us had food in our bellies. Refried beans was her specialty and they still remind me of her.

From Janis:
My mom was a great cook and also a single, working mom. She strongly believed in keeping us busy and productive! So she used our situation as an opportunity to introduce my sister and me to cooking and exploring food. When we’d get home from school, she’d call us from work to give us instructions on how to get dinner ready. Thanks to her, we grew up experiencing real food first hand and learned how to prepare many delicious recipes we still make today.

From Susan:
Growing up, my mom tried sooo hard to cook good tasting, healthy food for my sister and I, but I think she got thrown off track by the low-fat craze of the 1980s. Most things she made were bland and tasteless, so my sister and I were constantly getting in trouble for sneaking in “bad” foods. It wasn’t until I got to college that she finally started to get away from the 80’s food craze and become a really good cook. I remember coming to visit her with my soon-to-be husband, and she’d made flatbread and muhammara, a Mediterranean dip made with roasted peppers and walnuts (yes, walnuts are high in fat!). It was so delicious that we ate a huge bowl of it in one sitting, and she was so proud of herself! Every time I make muhammara now, I think lovingly of my mom.mother's day

From Sonya:
“I’d like to thank my mom for dropping off her deliciously made vegan dishes that I eat for my lunches! I also think it’s so cute when she sends me photos of what she has made, it gets me so excited! She has inspired me to have a healthier diet and be more knowledgeable about foods since she is vegan.”

From Kim:
“Some of my earliest memories are working in the garden with my grandmother at her farm. I remember the brilliant red rhubarb and the amazing pie my mom would make with it. The Strawberry Rhubarb pie from Betty’s Pie Whole brings back those sweet memories!”

To all you mothers out there, thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

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