Brussels Sprouts Trivia

Brussels Sprouts Trivia

Here’s some trivia about the powerful little green, the Brussels Sprout!


bunch of brussels sprouts

California is the top producer of Brussels Sprouts


  • Some studies suggest suggest they increase the libido

  • They are a member of the cabbage family, called Brassicaceae

  • Steam cooking them increases their cholesterol lowering power

  • Carving an X at the stem before steaming helps them cook more evenly

  • Brussels Sprouts grow in stalks that produce 2 1/2 to 3 pounds of sprouts

  • They suffer from an undeserved bad reputation, coming from the sulfur like smell that happens when they’re overcooked & is the same compound that helps to lower the risk of cancer

  • Store them in the fridge in a plastic bag and they’ll last up to 10 days

  • You can store steamed Brussels Sprouts in the freezer for up to a year

  • They have enough power in them to light up a Christmas tree!  Read about the UK event that did just that from

roasted brussels sprouts

  • Steaming, stir-frying, roasting, or enjoying as a salad are all ways to enjoy Brussels Sprouts with very different flavors.  Get some recipes here.