County of San Diego declares Nov 2nd “Daily Harvest Express Day”

County of San Diego declares Nov 2nd “Daily Harvest Express Day”


We are humbled and delighted to announce that San Diego County has made November 2nd “Daily Harvest Express Day”! Thanks to our partnership with Live Well San Diego, we’ve been been able to further our efforts to get fresh, healthy food from our local farms and into the hands (and mouths) of local San Diego residents.

In case you haven’t heard, Live Well San Diego describes itself as “a visionary long term plan to work toward communities that are Healthy, Safe and Thriving. The County is working with a wide-range of recognized Live Well San Diego partners, including hospitals, community clinics, businesses, school districts, and community and faith-based organizations to enhance the well-being of communities.”

To commemorate the honor, Daily Harvest Express was given this proclamation document, which reads:

Honoring Daily Harvest Express

Whereas, with the health, safety and well-being of San Diego County residents being of primary concern, on July 13, 2010, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors adopted Live Well San Diego to achieve the County’s vision of safe, healthy, and thriving communities; and

Whereas, the Live Well San Diego vision is about uniting all sectors – business, schools, military and veteran’s organizations, community and faith-based organizations, and all levels of government – in order to bring about positive change; and

Whereas, Daily Harvest Express actively partners with local employers to bring wellness into the workplace by delivering fresh fruit to their breakrooms, conducting healthy cooking demonstrations with local chefs, and bringing our mobile farm stand to the workplace for their employees; and

Whereas, Daily Harvest Express also helps empower employees to make healthier choices about the food they eat through education such as weekly emails with nutritional information and recipes; and

Whereas, the mobile farm stand started as a farmers market program in 2014 for County of San Diego employees and expanded from one location to several locations in the paste three years; and

Whereas, currently Daily Harvest Express conducts 8 to 10 mobile farm stands every week, reaching people right at their workplace; and

Whereas, the County of San Diego is committed to recognizing and honoring those organizations that are dedicated to the best ideals of public service and Daily Harvest Express is one such worthy organization, NOW THEREFORE,

BE IT PROCLAIMED by Chairwoman Dianne Jacob and all members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on this 2nd day of November 2017, that they commend DAILY HARVEST EXPRESS for its outstanding commitment to the enrichment and wellbeing of area residents, and do herby declare this day to be “DAILY HARVEST EXPRESS DAY” throughout San Diego County.

Thank you, County of San Diego and all of our loyal customers, for your support!