COVID-19: Minimizing the stress

COVID-19: Minimizing the stress

The Coronavirus disease outbreak has us all on edge. It’s understandable! This is a very serious public health threat and the situation is emerging day-t0-day.  We’re all experiencing major changes in the way we work to the way we interact with each other.  Businesses and even people’s paychecks are being impacted. So it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the stress.

Stress is also not healthy. So while all these changes are key to beating this disease and minimizing the spread, it’s also vital that we find positive ways to minimize our stress so we can stay healthy and help each other in the process. In addition to what you already know to keep healthy, (hand washing, cover your cough with your sleeve, clean surfaces, etc.) here are some tips to help minimize the stress we are feeling right now.

Get myself & family prepared

  • Talk with friends and loved ones about how they would like to be cared for if they got sick.
  • Develop childcare plans in case local schools close. Plus, work with your employer to explore work options.
  • Store a two-week supply of food, beverages, water, and medications for everyone in your home, including your pets.
  • Periodically check your regular prescription drugs to ensure a continuous supply in your home.
  • Have health supplies on hand, including pain relievers, stomach remedies, cough and cold medicines, fluids with electrolytes, and vitamins.
  • Get health records from doctors, hospitals and pharmacies for personal reference.

Practice the positive

  • Read or listen to something inspirational everyday…before the news.
  • Take a walk around the block and savor the blue sky, the blossoming flowers and remember it’s really a beautiful world out there.
  • Practice a little stretching at home, do a little yoga or follow one on You-Tube.
  • Call, text and email friends, family and co-workers with encouragement. Focusing on others is always the best cure for a worried mind.
  • If all else fails, bake some cookies 🙂

Get it delivered

Washing hands, telecommuting (if possible), rescheduling appointments, postponing travel and avoiding large gatherings are all good ways to minimize the risk of exposure. Another is to avoid shopping as much as we can, including grocery shopping.

Buy locally grown

Sure, there are other delivery services out there, but the produce is from anywhere, plus the delivery driver still has to go to the same store to get your stuff, and is putting themselves at risk, in turn potentially affecting you.

public grocery shopping

Minimal Exposure = Peace of Mind

When we get our produce, the farmers bring it directly from the farm to our warehouse.  There is no public exposure, and our small staff is not exposed to Coronavirus the way they would be in a public place. This also holds true for our locally grown organic fruits and veggies.  Very few hands have touched the food, so it is as good as it gets when trying to protect yourself.

We also want to reassure you that we are taking precautionary measures and following the advice from the Department of Health to ensure a safe and sanitary environment in our warehouse facility.

You may also want to keep in mind that we have more than fruits and veggies for delivery.  You can get your bread, eggs, cheese, and other grocery items delivered with your farm box.  Right now worry-free grocery shopping sounds good, right?

Doing Our Part

So though this might sound like shameless self-promotion, it really is just us doing our part for our community, raising awareness, and offering some peace of mind.  So, if you don’t already get your produce delivered, or haven’t taken a look at what else might help you skip the trip to the store, now is a good time to do get started, or add more to your farm box, if not forever, just until this outbreak is contained.

eating an apple

For the latest on what to do to protect yourself from Coronavirus (COVID-19), visit the California Department of Health website for daily updates or the  CDC’s website.

You can also download this COVID-19 Fact Sheet we received from the County of San Diego today.