Local Food, Local Culture. What Does San Diego Taste Like?

Local Food, Local Culture. What Does San Diego Taste Like?

Why does local food matter, and in particular, local organic food? There are numerous social, environmental, and economic reasons that local, organic food is better than conventional food that’s been shipped in from elsewhere. These have been well-documented by researchers and policy makers alike, and we’ll dive into them in future articles.

However, one good reason to support local food that often gets overlooked is culture. What defines a place and a people? If you’ve ever travelled abroad or even to other regions of the United States, you’ve probably noticed the local or regional cuisine. Local cuisine is the result of people – over hundreds or even thousands of years – using whatever foods were available to them in-season in that area. And since each area of the world is different, each specific cuisine literally gives you a taste of the place you’re visiting: it’s history, it’s geographic location, it’s climate, it’s traditions.

Food is foundational to every culture.

Fruit and Veggie box fro February 15

This is what is growing in San Diego this February…amazing isn’t it?

What does San Diego taste like? Think about our unique geography. We have easy access to some of the best seafood in the world. Our delightful climate allows us to grow virtually anything, from organic citrus to Brussels sprouts. We also have a wide diversity of cultural influences. Along with all the culinary traditions that European immigrants brought here, 30% of our population is latino, comprised of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and other nationalities each with their own unique food traditions. Add to the mix our high percentage of Asian immigrants, and things get even more interesting!

Spicy Fried Cauliflower “Chicken” that one of our favorite vegan food bloggers, Shana Moore, made with her weekly farm box!

What does this mean? We’re a tapestry of cultures woven together atop a geographical location that produces some of the finest foods in the world, from soil and sea. Whether you’re a Japanese-American, a Mexican-American, or a German-American, chances are that you can source local organic produce from right here in San Diego as-needed to recreate the dishes that are foundational to the culture of your ancestral homeland. You can also explore new foods and new cuisines to make your own culinary traditions based on what local foods are available during a particular season. In short: you can celebrate your heritage with what’s on your plate while also exploring and creating new foods that are unique to San Diego.

What does San Diego taste like? We want to help you discover the answer to that question through locally sourced farm-fresh food.

What does San Diego taste like? We want to help you discover the answer to that question through locally sourced farm-fresh food.  Drop by and visit our store or let us deliver one to you!

No matter what type of cuisine you prefer, one aspect of local food culture that we’d like to make universal: sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local organic farmers and artisans who live, work, and raise their families here. So what does San Diego taste like? Fresh. Delicious. Healthy. A mashup of old and new, a celebration of cultural diversity that makes you say “mmm” with each bite.

Every dollar you spend on food is a vote cast for the type of food culture you want San Diego to have, so make your vote count!

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