Mobile Farmer’s Market


Bringing the Farmer’s Market to Your Workplace


The mobile farmer’s market comes to your workplace with San Diego’s freshest produce and best artisan foods right on our food truck.

No need to make trips to the store or have extra time to visit the farmer’s market anymore!  Daily Harvest Express visits companies all over San Diego & Orange County so employees can do their grocery shopping right at work.

Everyone enjoys the event when we roll in and having the same magic as if you’re visiting the farmer’s market yourself.

It’s a local Farmer’s Market on wheels…right to your workplace


San Diego is famous for our farmer’s markets and all of the amazing local creations you can find. Daily Harvest Express has all of these goodies at their freshest.

Live Well San Diego Partners since November 2017

Our mission is to give hardworking employees healthy eating options the easy way, so busy lifestyles don’t get in the way of eating well.

Our passion is to bring the fruits of hardworking farmers labor to the local community and provide sustainability, wellness, and abundance for all.

A Health Event That Makes Real Sense


Find out if a mobile farmer’s market makes sense for your company’s next event


It’s not always easy to find workplace wellness that actually works.  You will find the mobile farmer’s market is the easiest, and most cost-effective around.  The effort is very little for you, and the rewards are many for your company.

We support local, San Diego family farms primarily and small family farms in California exclusively. This sets us apart from any other food truck, farm stand, or snack delivery in San Diego County. Partnered with Live Well San Diego, we’ve made eating healthy and local easy and available for everyone.  Visit us on

Easy to Get Started

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us on our testimonials page and continue reading below to learn how to get started with the best food truck in San Diego County-Daily Harvest Express mobile farmer’s market.

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How to Get the Mobile Farmer’s Market at Your Workplace

Sign up & Reward Your Staff

When your business signs up, you pay an upfront fee based on your company’s size which pay for coupons for your employees to use at the Farm Stand! The coupons you receive with your signup package nearly cover the entire upfront fee.

<300 employees – $350 fee, $250 in coupons | 301-500 – $450 fee, $350 in coupons | 501-600 – $600 fee, $500 in coupons | 800+ employees – contact us for quote

Choose the Farm Stand schedule that’s best for your company: one time, biweekly, or monthly. We provide you with everything you need to get the word out to your employees: e-blasts, signage, and printable or e-coupons. We will work closely with your team to tailor the event to your needs and will prepare information for your property management company as needed.

Our Farm Stand arrives loaded with ~ 24 varieties of organic fruits & veggies, all sourced from local farms. Plus we offer artisanal foods such as organic cheese, eggs, nuts, spices and ready to eat snacks from local food crafters. Your employees will enjoy recipes, learn where their food comes from and do some healthy shopping!

Any produce left over after the event is donated to a local charitable organization that distributes it to low income children, senior centers and food kitchens that feed the homeless in North County.

Watch us in action!

What people are saying...

Bonus, everyone LOVED the truck!!! A resounding thumbs up. Here are a few emails that I got, in addition to many verbal kudos!

Yes! This is an awesome idea!! Will you all be doing this every week?
Thank you,
Kristina C, Contracts Paralegal

I love this idea
Michelle B, Facilities Manager

Loved loved it!!!

Would love to have them come back
Tenaya O,

Two thumbs up this was awesome! Love that I can just get exactly what I want and not have to worry about wasting anything from the box and or not liking what was put in the box.
Debbie D,
Program Specialist