Persimmon Trivia

Persimmon Trivia

Here’s some interesting Persimmon trivia!

Plus some other information you can use to impress your friends and improve your health

There’s more than one kind

  • There are persimmons native to Asia and very different persimmons native to North America
  • The Asian persimmons (Fuyu & Hachiya) can be eaten raw or cooked but the North American persimmons are never eaten raw
  • The squat, squarish shaped Fuyu has a sweet, mildly spicy flavor and can be eaten either firm or soft
  • The oblong Hachiya must be fully ripe or you’ll really pucker up! It’s very astringent until it softens
  • Did you know about chocolate persimmons? Their flesh is brown and they have a chocolaty taste!

When to eat them

  • Persimmons are ready for harvest in late fall after all of the leaves on the persimmon tree have fallen off
  • They harvest them before ripening because they’re so delicate
  • They’ll ripen room temperature in a few days or you can store in the fridge for up to a month

Persimmons are good for pregnant women

  • Eating persimmons can help ensure a healthy pregnancy because of its high content of Vitamins A & C, plus iron, calcium and phosphorus that promotes healthy growth and development for both baby and mother

Here’s some easy ways to enjoy them

  • Slice or dice and serve in winter salads
  • Eat like an apple
  • Serve persimmons slices with rice, seafood, or poultry
  • Soft persimmon can be served with yogurt, cream or milk
  • Serve Fuyu persimmons spears with cheese
  • Drizzle persimmon slices with orange flavored balsamic

The flavor of a persimmon pairs well with almonds, apple, cinnamon, ginger, grapes, hazelnuts, ice cream, kiwi, lemon, lime, orange, pine nuts, pomegranate, soft cheese, walnuts, and yogurt.

You can order persimmons from us during the late fall and early winter. We usually include them in our fruit and farm boxes.