Fruit & Veggie Farm Box

From: $25.00 every 2 weeks

Organic and naturally grown fruits and veggies picked fresh from local farms and delivered right to your door.  Items vary by season and availability.  Your local farm box is filled with a nice assortment of leafy greens, seasonal veggies and fruits grown by farmers in San Diego and surrounding counties.

We have three sizes of local fruit and veggie boxes to fit your needs:

  • Small – 8 items (5 veggies, 3 fruit) – good for 1 to 2 people
  • Medium – 11 items (6 veggies, 5 fruit) – great for 2 to 4 people
  • Large – 16 items (9 veggies, 7 fruit) – perfect for 4 and more, and those who love to eat fresh every day

Tip: An “item” is either a pound or a bunch of something.  For example, a bunch of carrots or a pound of apples!



Make sure you are eating enough fresh fruits and veggies by getting a Fruit & Veggie Farm Box delivered to your door.

Our farm box contains local, seasonally grown produce harvested at its’ peak of ripeness direct from the farmer to us. Buying from local farms helps support our community farmers and benefits our environment.  We buy from some of the best farms in the area, including Stehly,  Sage Mountain Farm, Gaytan, Sweet Tree, Sundial Farm,  Dassi Family Farm, and more

Every week, fill your farm box with a nice variety of choice organically grown fruits and veggies. You get recipes and tips to help you make the most out of each delivery.  We also rotate the selections to keep it interesting!

Our farms deliver everything fresh to us each week and anything left over we donate to local food pantries here in San Diego’s North County area.


Additional information

What Size?

Small (8 items), Medium (11 items), Large (16 items)

How Often?

Every Week, Every Other Week, Every 4 Weeks, One Time Only


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