One Local and Organically grown Pomelo. The average pomelo is 6-10 inches in diameter, and can weigh as much as 2-4 pounds.

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Local and Organically grown pomelo

What Exactly Is a Pomelo?

Also referred to as pummelo, pamplemousse, and shaddock, pomelos originated in Southeast Asia. Pomelos are the largest of the citrus fruits, and most closely related to grapefruits. The large size makes them appear intimidating, but they’re not at all.

These oversized round citrus fruits have a textured rind ranging in color from yellow to green, with pulpy fresh that’s creamy white, bright pink, or somewhere in between. Pomelos also have a much thicker pith than other citrus varieties. Like many of its relatives, pomelos can vary between being filled with seeds, to having very few or no seeds.

But, the real question is, what does it taste like? This is the thing I love most about pomelos, and why I’m also glad they’re in my life. I think you’ll enjoy it too! Pomelos are like a mild version of grapefruit. They’re sweeter and don’t carry a that occasional harsh bitter tang.

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