Tokyo Turnips – 1 bunch


Local and organically grown turnips from JR Organics Farm!

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Tokyo turnips, or Japanese turnips, are smaller than other turnips, and all white.  You might even mistake them for a radish.  Though when you bit into them, you’ll notice the milder flavor.

Tokyo turnips are tasty raw- sliced in salads, or even pickled. And just like other turnips, you can roast or saute them for a delicious and filling side.  But if you want to stay true to the cultural roots if this turnip, you’ll want to either steam them over the leaves, pickle them, or add them to miso soup.

You’ll get your share of Vitamin C & B6 in the root of the Tokyo turnip. Be sure to keep the greens.  There’s tons of good stuff is in turnip greens, even more than the root.  Like Vitamins A, B6, C, E & K, as well as manganese, calcium, copper, and iron.

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