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What’s Ahead? Sneak Peek at Week of Nov 13…

What’s Ahead? Sneak Peek at Week of Nov 13…


Since we’d like you to “know your food,” each week we’re going to highlight a few of the interesting goodies available to you for the following week (all sourced from our network of local farmers). We also hope this prompts you to place your order before the weekly deadline this Sunday at 5pm!

Angeleno plums and Satsuma tangerines from Sweet Tree Farms

Here’s what Annie Florendo from Sweet Tree Farms had to say about these delicious fruits:

The plum is called Angeleno. It’s a late variety, not as juicy as mid summer plums but still sweet and flavorful. The mandarin is satsuma and it’s skin is a little green because it’s our first harvest. We will pick for about a month, and within a couple weeks we will have 100% orange color. Even though there is still some green on the skin, the sugar content of the fruit is peaking, so we started harvesting. (Ripeness is actually determined by natural sugars in the fruit.) Most the time you won’t see them green in the store because they go through a process of being held in a ripening room where gases are released and the fruit is waxed. We don’t do that and this is why customers will see a little green right in the beginning of the picking cycle.

Out of all the fruit I grow maybe 15% is perfect. This would be packed out and shipped to grocery stores. The rest of the fruit would often be tossed out by a large packing company. This is why I love farmers markets and Daily Harvest Express – we use everything! In my opinion, it is the imperfect fruit that is perfect. And as we put the term “sustainability” into practice, we must change how we’ve been programmed to think regarding food. It is perfectly imperfect and completely edible and healthy. No waste.  

How to eat satsumas

satsuma tangerine - daily harvest express - farm box, CSA, San Diego, CA

Properly enjoying freshly ripened citrus can provide a sensory overload. You don’t necessarily have to go through these steps with each fruit, but consider trying it with the first one:

  1. First, watch the mist that sprays out of the skin as you open it with your fingers. This mist is loaded with aromatic citrus oil. Breathe deeply through your nose and let the essence of the citrus set your olfactory senses aflutter! This is just a tease for what comes next.
  2. Once you’ve removed the skin, pick up a single section of fruit. Close your eyes, and inhale it deeply. Notice the difference in aroma between the fruit and the skin – you should detect sweeter, fruitier notes.
  3. Now bite into the fruit, and notice the layers of flavor. Sweetness. Tanginess. And that unmistakeable, indescribable, tangerine flavor–the richness and intensity of which are made possible by the seemingly magical relationship between soil, tree, and sun.

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