What’s In My Farm Box?

Week of Sep 27, 2021 

Locally grown, top quality produce that’s picked just before we hand pack and deliver so you can enjoy maximum nutrition and taste with every bite

Farms we sourced from this week

Aviara Parkway Farms, Cendejas Farm, Gaytan, JR OrganicsSan Gabriel Farms, Stehly Farm Organics, Sweet Tree Farm Valdivia Farms

The menu planner for September 27

Not a radish lover? Try this recipe!

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When you order by Friday, we’ll deliver to you the very next week. After Friday, orders will be delivered the following week.

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DURING THIS HEAT: You may put a cooler out with a note for the driver or let us know the shadiest spot to put your box & we’ll include it in the driver’s instructions.

Veggie Boxes

Fruit & Veggie Boxes

Snack Box







Hass Avocados (Mexico) Hass Avocados (Mexico) Purple Cabbage Hass Avocados (Mexico) Hass Avocados (Mexico) Hass Avocados (Mexico)
Purple Cabbage Purple Cabbage Cilantro Purple Cabbage Purple Cabbage Carrots
Cilantro Carrots Green Beans Cauliflower Cauliflower Green Beans
Green Beans Cilantro Green or Blue Kale Cilantro Carrots Romaine Lettuce
Green or Blue Kale Green Beans Anaheim Peppers Green or Blue Kale Cilantro Watermelon Radishes
Leeks Green or Blue Kale Watermelon Radishes Anaheim Peppers Green Beans Heirloom Tomatoes
Anaheim Peppers Leeks Fuji Apples Watermelon Radishes Green or Blue Kale Fuji Apples
Heirloom Tomatoes Anaheim Peppers Flavorfall Pluots Heirloom Tomatoes Anaheim Peppers Green Grapes
Yams Watermelon Radishes Asian Pears Fuji Apples Watermelon Radishes Flavorfall Pluots
Summer Squash Star Ruby Grapefruit Summer Squash Asian Pears
Heirloom Tomatoes Flavorfall Pluots Heirloom Tomatoes Bartlett Pears
Yams Bartlett Pears Fuji Apples
Green Grapes
Valencia Oranges
September Yummy Plums
Asian Pears
Bartlett Pears

In case you were wondering

  • An item is either a pound, bunch or each unless stated otherwise. For example, a winter squash would be an “Each” but Radishes are a “Bunch”.
  • Please note that boxes can vary from day to day, depending on Mother Nature. Products are not guaranteed.

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