Sweet Maui Onion – 1


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This gem is an organically grown sweet Maui Onion, but don’t worry is grown right here in Southern California!

In addition to being very sweet, the Maui onion has a high water content, making it quite juicy. There are a number of ways to use these flavorful onions. Some people enjoy eating them raw out of hand, and they are also good when sliced thinly on salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. The onions can also be cooked, bringing out even more of the naturally sweet flavor; they are great grilled, and they can also be marinated with other vegetables for kebabs, included in stuffings, or used to make distinctive sauces.

Typically, Maui onions are among the first of the sweet onion varieties to be available in the spring, because the growing season on Maui starts early; start looking for them at around April. They have a rich golden yellow color and they typically grow in a slightly flattened shape; when seeking out onions in the store, check for soft spots, which can indicate that the Maui onion has gone bad.


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