Meet San Diego’s finest farmers & artisans!  This is where the tasty local goodies comes from & we are so thankful for all that they do.


Sundial Farm, Vista

Sundial Farm

Endeavour Shen – Immigrant, Soldier, Accountant, and Farmer in Vista, CA

Rancho Del Sol, Jamul

Rancho Del Sol

Linda Zaiser of Rancho Del Sol, a certified organic citrus farm in Jamul!

Sage Mountain Farm, Anza

Sage Mountain Farm

Phil Noble from Sage Mountain Farm.

Dassi Family Farm

Dassi Family Farm is a local sustainable greenhouse in Leucadia.

Stehly Farm Organics, Valley Center

Stehly Farms

Third generation farmers growing a variety of citrus, avocados, and seasonal veggies in Valley Center, CA!

Sweet Tree Farm, Bakersfield

Sweet Tree Farm

California based organic fruit farm founded by Annie Florendo.

Carlsbad Strawberry Company, Carlsbad

Aviara Farm

Located in beautiful Carlsbad California, Aviara Parkway Farms has been a fixture in the Carlsbad landscape growing mouth-watering strawberries for over half a century!

Be Wise Ranch, Escondido

Be Wise Ranch

Be Wise Ranch is a CCOF certified, organic family farm owned and managed by Bill Brammer based in Escondido, CA.

Gaytan Family Farm, Riverside

Gaytan Family Farm

Gaytan is a family operated farm providing the freshest quality produce to local communities in Southern California – located in Perris, CA!

Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch, Ramona

Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch

Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch is a small family farm located just a short drive from San Diego, established in 1957, and have been providing quality eggs to the greater San Diego for three generations.

Rose and Gary Ricketts, Valley Center

Rose and Gary Ricketts

A small Reed avocado orchard owned by a retired pilot & his wife in Valley center. We met Rose at our mobile farm stand at Via Stat & it’s been a great partnership!

B' Jailie Farm, Valley Center

B'Jailie Farm

B’Jailie Farm in Valley Center is an avocado farm that grows some of the county’s best!

J.R. Organics, Escondido

J. R.Organics

The Rodriguez family has been growing a wide variety of organic crops in North County San Diego since 1986.

San Gabriel Ranch, Valley Center

San Gabriel Farm

San Gabriel Citrus grows organic fruits with a special flavor for local variety.

Rancho Bedolla, Valley Center

Elias Orchards

We source Hass avocados, Reed avocados and Dragon Fruit from this great family farm. Owned and operated by Fernando & Laura Bedolla

Go Green Agriculture, Encinitas

Go Green Agriculture

Go Green Agriculture’s story is amazing. This great family has grown a lettuce empire through innovation, dedication and plain hard work. It was Janis’ introduction to local farming and planted the seed for starting Daily Harvest Express.

Teri Microgreens, Vista

Teri Microgreens

Organic microgreens help fund those whose lives are touched by special needs


Bread & Cie

Meet Charles Kaufman, Founder and “Secret Ingredient” of Bread & Cie.

Hopkins AG

Hopkins AG is dedicated to providing you with the freshest, highest quality almonds you can find.

Jerky's Gourmet

High-quality grass fed beef jerky made from solid strips of steak, with a taste and texture that is FRESH!

So Rich! Chocolates

So Rich! Chocolates is committed to keeping the craft of candy making alive with fair trade high quality ingredients, and crafted with care.

Sherpa Energy Squares

Delicious chef inspired protein energy bites made right here in Carlsbad, CA!

Barukas Nuts

Quite possibly the healthiest nut &  best for the planet.  Barukas are a sperfood sourced from South America.

Petaluma Creamery

Petaluma Creamery is an agricultural staple in Sonoma.  Their 400 cows are non-gmo, pasture access & organic, making the best milk & delicious cheese.

Jammin' Stan's Jam

Jammin Stan’s Jam is oh so delicious! Encinitas made jam is the tastiest!

baker & olive

Be Wise Ranch

Baker & Olive specializes in ultra premium fresh harvest olive oils from around the world & world class aged balsamic vinegars.

French Pastry Cafe

French Pastry Cafe

Isabelle Briens brings authentic french sweets and treats to the French Cafe in Encinitas & in our boxes.

El Nopalito

El Nopalito

El Nopalito tortilla factory has been making fresh Mexican food daily for 32 years in Encinitas.

Be Runa

Be Runa

Be Runa Seed Salts & Seed Sweets are a combination of 9 nutrient dense organic seeds, superfoods, mineral salts & healing spices crafted to dazzle your taste buds.



Rimel’s Rotisserie in La Jolla was a San Diego Mainstay for over 20 years.  The green sauce keeps the amazing taste of the restaurant alive home kitchens today.

Toomey's Seasoning

Toomey's Seasoning

Chef Matt Toomey brings the iconic flavor of Toomey’s restaurant in Mammoth Lakes to your kitchen with his signature seasoning.

Good Lovin'

Good Lovin'

The Good Lovin’ family came up with  handcrafted homemade masterpiece recipes for keto or paleo bars that are simply divine!

Angel's Salumi & Truffles

Angel's Salumi & Truffles

World renouned charcuterie chef, Chef Pascal Besset offers the highest quality salami & natural meats.

Oh Momo! Fresh Curry

Oh Momo!

The authentic Japanese flavor of natural curry straight from the amazing chef of World Curry restaurant in PB.

Plantiful Kitchen

Plantiful Kitchen

Delicious vegan breads, sweets, and  Rawsome energy bites are crafted to perfection, even tastier than less healthy options!

Ki's Kitchen

Ki's Kitchen

Ki’s restaurant established Ki’s Kitchen separately to give nutritious, great tasting food to the whole county.

Wild Joy

Wild Joy

Chuao Chocolatier Michael Antonorsi makes Wild Joy Goods to inspire a life of sustainable joy.