Reed avocados are here!

Reed avocados are here!

Reed avocados are here! Reed avocados are here!

Can you tell we’re excited? Here’s why: for starters, these beauties are about the size of a softball, weighing over a pound each.

Also, many avocado aficionados consider Reed avocados to be the best out of all the hundreds of varieties out there. Stop and think about that for a minute: there are hundreds of avocado varieties, each of them delicious, and the Reed avocado is ranked at the top of the list in terms of flavor.

While we wouldn’t go so far as to call ourselves “avocado aficionados,” we can tell you that Reed avocados are indeed absolutely delicious: buttery, nutty, creamy, and rich. Basically, it’s everything you love about the taste of avocados, only amplified.

Compared to Hass avocados, the most common and commercially popular avocados which we also love, Reed avocados are much larger, as you can see in the photo below. They also seem to have a higher water content than Hass.

Comparison: Hass avocado (left) versus Reed avocado (right).

Comparison: Hass avocado (left) versus Reed avocado (right).

Perhaps their best trait: Reed avocados don’t brown quickly (which is a result of oxidation). In a batch of guacamole I made earlier this week with Reed avocados, I noticed that they didn’t turn brown nearly as quickly as other avocado varieties. I put some left over guac in a bag in our fridge, and two days later the color and flavor were still as good as the first day!

A Reed avocado versus Lady. Lady is bigger and slightly confused as to what exactly is expected of her here.

A Reed avocado versus Lady. Lady is bigger and slightly confused as to what exactly is expected of her here.

As local as it gets: where do Reed avocados come from?

All avocados (Persea americana) originated in southern Mexico and have been cultivated for thousands of years by various indigenous societies.

However, Reed avocados have a neat local origin story… Back in 1948, rancher and farmer James S. Reed discovered a delicious new variety of avocado growing on his land in Carlsbad, California, which was the lucky result of a cross of two other types of avocados. He named it the Reed avocado (for obvious reasons), and about a decade later the variety earned a patent. It’s now grown on hundreds of acres throughout California.

The Reed avocados coming to you in your Daily Harvest FarmBox were grown on a small orchard owned by a retired pilot and his wife, Rose and Gary Ricketts.

Reed avocados: so much yum

Reed avocados! So much yum is headed to you in this week’s FarmBox.

So, a locally bred avocado — quite possibly the best variety in the world — grown on a local farm right down the road from where you live… how neat is that!

We hope you love your Reed avocados as much as we do!

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