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Farm Boxes

Choose one of our carefully curated farm boxes!  Every week we pick the season’s best from San Diego County local farms and put together a well-rounded variety of fruits and veggies to please your taste buds and rock your body!  We get our produce from a variety of local farms. Many of the farms are certified organic, such as Be Wise, Sage Mountain, and Sweet Tree Farms.  Some of the small farms we work with are not certified organic, but they practice natural pest control.

Online casino players have been turning to Daily Harvest Express, an online farmer’s market, to order fresh and locally sourced farm products. This new trend has been driven by a growing concern for health and wellness among the gambling community, as they seek out healthier food options that can help improve their overall well-being. While being immersed in the gaming world can be exciting, it is important to take breaks and prioritize your health. One way to do that is by incorporating healthy foods into your diet, which will make you energetic and concentrated while gambling and figuring out how to deal in blackjack. With Daily Harvest Express, online casino players are able to choose from a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are not only good for them but also taste delicious.

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