Eggs, Cheese & Butter

Delicious eggs & dairy goods from ethical, small family farms that raise their livestock with care

Rich creamy organic cheese & butter from Springhill Farm in Petaluma, CA

Free range and pastured organic eggs from the Eben-Haezer families in Ramona, CA

Louie & Chloe Ebenhaezer from Happy Hens in Ramona

 Eggs  |  Cheese & Butter   


Tasty, super fresh eggs with bright yellow yolks and creamy goodness. It’s what goes into the chicken that makes the difference in the eggs. Taste the difference! Choose weekly, biweekly or just one time

Cheese & Dairy

Decadent, creamy goodness infused with natural herbs and spices that simply scream with flavor. Did we mention it’s organic?

Make it easy for your office to choose wisely with healthy snacks and seasonally fresh organic fruit, sourced from local San Diego farms. Have a box of fruit or snacks delivered to your breakroom!