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Get a regularly delivery of Large Brown Eggs from carefully raised free-range chickens from Eben-Haezer Egg Ranch in Ramona



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Add local eggs to your regular delivery order! 1 dozen free range, brown eggs from tenderly raised hens at Eben-Haezer Egg Ranch in Ramona.  Raising poultry the right way since 1957.  Vegetarian fed. No antibiotics or hormones. Eggs are collected by hand.

Size: Large

Free Range Veggie Fed Brown Eggs
All their brown chickens are fed a vegetarian feed as well. All the chickens have indoor and ourdoor access all the time.

Cage Free vs Free Range
The difference between Cage Free and Free Range?
Cage free means that the birds are not kept in cages but they either have no access to the outdoors. They are kept inside a large building .
Free Range means the chickens are allowed indoors and outdoors. Our chickens are free range and as you can see in the pictures they are allowed to roam around and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air whenever they want to.

Nutritional Benefits to Free Range Eggs
Tests have shown that Free Range Eggs contain about half the cholesterol, up to twice as much vitamin E, two to six times more beta carotene and four times more omega-3 fatty acids than the supermarket eggs.


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1 review for Local Free Range Eggs subscription

  1. eafleeen (verified owner)

    I love receiving my weekly eggs. At only 50 cents more than Sprouts it is well worth it.

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