Berkshire Pork Salami-White Alba Truffle


The White Truffle Salami is made with 100% Berkshire Pork, Grappa, White Peppercorn, and White Truffle from the Alba region of Italy.



White Alba Truffle Salami

The White Alba Truffle Salami is made with 100% Berkshire Pork Meat. It is dry cured, fermented, and aged for three months in a dry room. The recipe includes 5% White Truffle from the Alba region of Italy, as well as Grappa and White Peppercorn.

Berkshire Pork

Angel’s Berkshire Pork Salami is made with only purebred Berkshire Pork.  This unique pork boasts more marbling, richer coloring, increased tenderness, and  optimum moisture and flavor.

Raised Humanely

The Berkshire pigs spend most of their time outside roaming free at a family owned farm in Kansas. They are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones in a low stress environment. Berkshire pork is certified under the six-point USDA verified program which ensures consistent quality and standards: age, source & location from birth to harvest, feeding, raising protocols, and processing.



Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 8 in

Picante, White Truffle


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