What’s In My Box

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Week of July 22nd 2019

Available from our farmers and in our farm boxes this week~

Farms we’re sourcing from this week

Gaytan, Dassi Family FarmSweet Tree Farm, JR Organics, Sage Mountain, Be Wise Ranch, Smit Farms, and San Gabriel Farm

FYI –An item is either a pound, bunch or each – depending on how they usually come. For example, a winter squash would be an “Each” but Radishes are a “Bunch”

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Veggie Boxes:

Regular $33 (11 items)

•Arugula •Broccoli •Carrots •Sweet White Corn •Cucumbers •Sweet Maui Onions •Red Potatoes •Spring Mix •Spaghetti Squash •Zucchini •Sugar Snap Peas

Small $25 (8 items)

•Arugula •Broccoli •Carrots •Sweet White Corn •Cucumbers •Spring Mix •Spaghetti Squash • Sugar Snap Peas

Fruit & Veggie Boxes:

Large $45 (16 items)

•Arugula •Broccoli •Carrots •Sweet White Corn •Cucumbers •Sweet Maui Onions •Spring Mix •Spaghetti Squash •Sugar Snap Peas •Apricots •Mandarins •White Nectarines •Yellow Nectarines •Valencia Oranges •Yellow Peaches •Plums

Regular $33 (11 items)

•Broccoli •Carrots •Sweet White Corn •Cucumbers •Spring Mix •Spaghetti Squash •Apricots •Mandarins •White Nectarines •Yellow Peaches •Plums

Small $25 (8 items)

•Broccoli •Sweet White Corn •Cucumbers •Spring Mix •Spaghetti Squash •Mandarins •White Nectarines •Yellow Peaches

Snack Box:

Regular Size (11 items) $33

•Broccoli •Carrots •Cucumbers •Sugar Snap Peas •Cherry Tomatoes •Apricots •White Nectarines •Yellow Nectarines •Valencia Oranges •Yellow Peaches •Plums

** Substitutions:

Please note that boxes can vary from day to day, depending on Mother Nature and what is and isn’t ripe enough to harvest. If you are missing any of these items, we have included more of something else to compensate