Artichokes – 2 Count


Local and organically grown artichokes. 2 count.

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Local and organically grown artichokes.

  • Artichokes have a delightful meaty core called the heart. This meaty core is surrounded by rows of petals that protect the heart. The base of petals, the center stem, and the meaty artichoke heart are completely edible and easy to cook.
  • To prepare artichokes for cooking, use a knife to cut off the top quarter of each artichoke as well as the end of each stem. Use scissors to cut off the tips of the artichoke leaves to remove the thorns. Rub the whole artichoke immediately with the cut lemon.To steam artichokes, place them in a large pot with a steaming basket filled with water until it reaches the basket. Put the prepared artichokes in the basket and cover with a lid. Bring to a boil and steam until the artichoke leaves can be removed by gently pulling. This generally takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the artichokes.
  • Let the artichokes cool and peel off the leaves. You will enjoy the base of the petals as well as the heart. To get to the heart, scrape off the choke.
  • Dip the base of the petals and hearts into your favorite dipping sauce or dressing. You can nibble the “meat” from the base of each leaf as well as the hearts. Enjoy!




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