Buddha Teas-Calm Buddha Blend


Subtle, yet powerful, this comforting tea blend provides a balanced union of delicate herbs, including chamomile, lavender, and passionflower, guaranteed to gently carry you to an elevated feeling of calm.

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Calm Buddha Blend from Buddha Tea


Calm Buddha Blend was developed to include a variety of herbs well known for their calming, uplifting properties. By the addition of flavors intended to soften, round out, and elevate the overall sipping experience, the smart, all-encompassing blend is meant to go beyond other calm tea blends you’ll find on the market. With just the right amount of this and just a tad of that, once you taste the unique compilation, Buddha Teas Calm Buddha Blend will land a permanent spot in your tea collection.


About Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas understands the importance of purity. While most consumer products today are processed and packaged beyond recognition, they aim to get back to nature.  They offer 100% unaltered, organic, and wildcrafted teas made from the freshest herbs and tea leaves, packaged in bleach-free bags. Customers can take comfort in knowing that they can enjoy a cup of additive- and toxin-free tea. With our ever-growing collection of natural teas, finding the perfect match for a specific need has become a simple, rewarding experience.

Each carton contains 18 bleach free teabags.

Additional information

Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in


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