Chocolate Persimmons – 2lbs


This beautiful and darker variety of persimmon actually has a slight chocolate taste.  A match made in heaven!

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2lbs of delicious Chocolate Persimmons, first of the season! – otherwise called Tsuru Noko – are a very unique persimmon. They’re rich in flavor & color.  It’s called a “Chocolate” persimmon because of the dark color of the flesh when it’s ripe. You will taste a hint of chocolate & baking spices in these sweet treats.

Enjoy this variety of persimmon when it is darker in color, soft, and fully ripe. In fact, when you see the brown color showing through the skin, it’s perfectly ripe to eat.

This is a very rare seasonal offering. Because it’s so delicate and many people think the brown color means it’s spoiling you won’t find these deliciously unique persimmons in many stores. Get them while you can!


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