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5 Reasons Why Soup is so Good

5 Reasons Why Soup is so Good

Soup is good for you.  We all know it.   All kinds of soup have lots of goodness to offer.  Here are 5 reasons why.


  1.  It’s a low calorie meal. Soup is a filling food, that has lots of liquid, which means less calories than standard meals or solid foods.
  2. More vitamins and nutrients.  When food is cooked as soup, the good stuff stays in the water that the soup is being cooked in.  So you don’t lose much of what you do while sautéing, baking, broiling, or any other cooking method.
  3. Soup hydrates you.  When you have soup instead of plain water or a sports drink, your blood volume increases, so it’s more than just the liquid itself.  There’s actually been some research done at Iowa State.  We know that soup is a high sodium food, but it also has lots of potassium, which are typically the main electrolytes in sports drinks, and with soup, they’re absorbed easier by the body, more naturally.
  4. The immune boost.  The reasons that soup boosts your immune system is that it raises the body temperature, and helps us breathe easier.  It’s not just the nostalgic comfort it brings, chicken soup has actually been shown to be an immune boosting food! Take a look here at the science behind it, from UCLA.
  5. Soup simply warms the soul.  It improves your mood and is fantastic for overall wellness.  If a food makes us smile, gives us comfort, or sparks any other good feelings inside, then it’s a no brainer to enjoy!

Enjoy creating tasty soups right from the fresh veggies in your box, check out some recipes on our recipes page, or better yet, save tons of time and get all the best ingredients by ordering one of our own Chef Michael’s spectacular soups!