5 Ways to Get Better Rest for Busy People

5 Ways to Get Better Rest for Busy People

When getting more sleep is not an option, use these 4 tips to get rest. Our busy lives call for quick solutions, Here’s your guide.

  1. Let it go.tired

Our minds race at night when we need to relax and produce.  Whether it’s a review of today or tomorrows to-dos, jot down the worries that are coming to mind and you can let them go.  Spend half an hour or so reading before bed to get your mind off your stress.

2. Ban all screens from the bedroom. tv in bed

It’s just a fact that we get more rest when it’s quiet and dark.  Most TVs have a timer, so if you need to fall asleep with the TV on, set that timer to turn it off an hour or less after you fall asleep.  But eventually you’ll want to have the TV out of the bedroom altogether.  Your brain needs to know that the bedroom is for rest, not TV, or phones.  Bringing your phone to bed is bringing your work, and worries to bed.  Keep it out, and if you use your phone as your alarm, keep it out of reach (or just by an alarm clock for $5).  Don’t be tempted.

3. Catch up on sleep  the  right  way.nap

Catching up on sleep on weekends throws off your sleep cycle and actually starts your week off with less rest, as you now have to get up earlier on Monday than you did on Sunday.  Maybe our least favorite day of the week would be 50% better if we weren’t dragging ourselves in.  Get more info on the science of weekday sleep-ins from Restonic here.  Taking the right kind of nap makes all the difference.  A 20-minute power nap, in a cool and dark room, lying down in the early afternoon is best.  Mic has great info on how to take the perfect nap.

4. Eat well.  warm milk

Ditch the coffee that keeps you up if you drink it after 2 PM &  wind down with nutritious snacks and old classics.  It’s true that warm milk can help us get to sleep.  Psychologically, its warm and cozy, and warm milk has tryptophan and melatonin in it.  A comforting cup of caffeine-free tea is a good relaxer as well.   More than that, kiwis can actually help cure insomnia!  The  Sleep Foundation has some great info on that & some other fruits and snacks, like cherries, bananas, and nuts,  that make for a restful sleep.   A great replacement for coffee in the morning is a green smoothie.  The right ingredients will take  you far.  Like this recipe from Adrenal  Fatigue  Solution.

5. Smart Speakers.  alexa in the bedroomOur busy and high tech lives do have their advantages, like smart speakers (Amazon Alexa or Google Home).  You can get restful sleep sounds, alarms, peaceful music, and even a tool for telling you when the best time for you to get up.

Whatever you choose to use, we hope these tips really do give you more rest, and a more balanced life.