Locally Grown & Delivered

San Diego grown, natural, organic
produce, and hand-crafted food

delivered right to your home or office

Eat well and support local farms. It’s so easy!

organic produce delivery

Pick the type of farm box you want.

You can select our assorted mixes. You’ll get a nice assortment and we change it up each week. Or, build your own custom box!

organic produce delivery subscription

Choose how often you want it delivered.

Subscription or one-time order – it’s up to you! Easily pause, cancel or switch your subscription anytime. No commitments and no hassle.

local organic produce delivery

Farmers harvest & bring the produce to us.

Your order is freshly picked at local farms, then hand packed and personally delivered to your home or office.

Farm Boxes

Unpack your box and taste the difference!

We include recipes to help you get the most out of your box.
Plan ahead! Each Friday, find out what’s available for the next week

Locally Grown & Delivered to Your Front Door.

If it grows in San Diego, it goes in your farm box.

Personal Box Options

Daily Harvest Express is similar to a CSA but we work with a variety of small local farms to bring you a wide range of the best local produce and artisan foods made here in San Diego County. Because it’s grown close to home, our produce is picked when it’s ripe and bursting with flavor. Check out the farms we buy from right here

Choose the produce delivery service that works best for you!

Farm Box

We select a variety of local, farm fresh organic produce
& deliver them to you. Multiple box options!

  • Auto-renewing Subscription
  • 3 Delivery Interval Options From $30/per delivery
  • No Contract or Commitment 


Assortment of local produce (carrots, broccoli, pears, tomatoes)

Build A Box

Get more of the produce you like with our build a box! Carefully selected produce from some of our favorite farms

  • No Subscription.
  • Selections Updated Weekly
  • + FREE Delivery in our local area with $30 order


Workplace Wellness

Create a culture of healthy nutrition

In addition to our organic produce delivery of fresh fruit, we provide delicious hand-crafted snacks, plus weekly newsletters, healthy cooking classes and our mobile farm stand, designed to empower your staff to make better choices about the food they eat and embrace healthy eating as a way of life.

Fruit Delivery to the Office

Get fresh, healthy fruits and snacks in your break room (“brain food”) with organic produce from local farms that tastes like it was just picked off a tree yesterday…because it was! Have a special need or request? We can tailor your healthy snack program to fit your company’s wellness goals. See the fresh fruit menu for this week here.

Organic produce fresh to your office

Small Fruit Box

  • Healthy snacks for 8 to 10 people
  • 15+ pieces of delicious, orchard-fresh, organically grown fruit.

Medium Fruit Box

  • Healthy snack for 15 to 20 people
  • 25+ pieces of delicious, orchard-fresh, organically grown fruit.

Large Fruit Box

  • Snacks for 30+ people “Best Value”
  • 55+ pieces of delicious, orchard-fresh, organically grown fruit.

Keep Your Employees Healthy at Home

Why not send your people on of our delicious farm boxes? Fill their tummies and build morale at the same time!


Provide a discount coupon so they can shop right from home – keep your people safe & healthy

Send a Farm Box

Send your staff fresh produce farm boxes  — delivered right to their doorstep.

Are we in your neighborhood?

Check our delivery days & areas by entering your zip code.


What our customers say

I had no idea, the savage beasts that I work with. The fruit that was delivered then quickly pillaged, ransacked, and seized by all personnel. I believe they liked it, as there is no remains but the carcass of a box. We are so happy that we started Daily Harvest and are chomping at the bit for the next delivery.

– Emily, Sentek Global

Our CEO just told me “we need more fruit”, so can you double up our standing order? PS – Everyone goes crazy when I put it in the lunchroom. It’s almost gone before I can send out an email that it’s here!

– Scott Sweeney, Novatel Wireless Inc.

I wanted to thank you for the awesome box of fresh produce. The items are fantastic, and I appreciate the awesome service…and I will tell all my friends about your great service. Best regards!

– Jose

Two thumbs up this was awesome! Love that I can just get exactly what I want and not have to worry about wasting anything from the box and or not liking what was put in the box.

– Debbie D.

Loved loved it!!! Would love to have them come back!

– Tenyana O.

Everything is totally amazing! Love the variety, I am super excited about your company! I have already raved about you to all my neighbors, friends and family. I have been eating like a queen since yesterday! 🙂 I am definitely interested in having my office sign up, but was going to try it out myself for a few weeks. So far, I am completely impressed and plan on getting my work involved.

-Laura, Dudek: Environmental Consultants

Bonus, everyone LOVED the truck!!! A resounding thumbs up. Here are a few emails that I got, in addition to many verbal kudos!

– Human Resources, Breg Inc.

You’re welcome. I’m loving this service! We just had a huge party at our home on Sat and have a ton of veggies we’re trying to eat up now, but this is good to get..it will force me to get creative with all the veggies!

– Alicia, West Health Institute

Thank you!! I work from a home office and am a full time stay at home mom. Love that fresh veggies come to my door so I don’t have to take my little ones to 2 different grocery stores and remind them that once again the grocery store is not a playground. That you so much for your prompt service. I’m in Encinitas soon for my daughters preschool and could pick up on one of those days in the fall. Thanks again.

– Holly

Find out why so many of our customers give us 5 starsyelp 5 stars

Your support helps create a more vibrant local community

We’re a local company based right here in San Diego. Our customers are also our neighbors and friends. Our food comes from local farmers and artisans. Each week, any left over produce goes to feed those in need right here in San Diego County.

Your support of Daily Harvest Express in turn helps support countless families, farms, businesses, and charities in San Diego County. That means your purchases with Daily Harvest Express also help build a more vibrant local economy and community.

As of September 2020, we’ve donated over 38,319 lbs of produce has been donated to feed hungry people and animals.

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