A Little Bit About The Blueberry

A Little Bit About The Blueberry

Berries top the list of just about everyone’s favorite natural foods, and blueberries are of the first we love to indulge in.  With a history that’s different than a lot of common fruits & veggies (most do not originate in the United States, and have been farmed for centuries), the history of blueberries is pretty interesting. So without further adeiu, here’s a bit about the blueberry.

There are two kinds of blueberries, highbush and lowbush.  Highbush blueberries are larger, farmed and are primarily what is sold to the public. The blueberries we are most familiar with are Highbush.  Lowbush blueberries are sweeter, grow wild, and used more for baking, jams, and juices.



blueberries growing

Blueberries as we know them have only been produced for about 100 years, and got their start in New Jersey, when Elizabeth White Frederick Coville got together to find a way to farm blueberries, both believing the the fruit would be a hit if it could be brought to the public, and they were right!

Good for You


blueberries good for you

Yes, it’s true, blueberries are so, so good for you.  With just 80 calories per serving you can eat them up & get these benefits:

  • High in Vitamin C and antioxidants means that they help you heal as well as prevent heart disease, and cancer.
  • The blue color comes from polyphenols, which are nutrients found in plants that help manage a host of ailments including obesity, digestive issues, and neurological issues.
  • In addition to being a low calorie food, blueberries are high in fiber, at 3.6 grams per serving.  So adding blueberries to salads, snacking, or any meal will help you fill up and keep your body clean inside.
  • Blueberries are a rich source of Manganese, an important nutrient that converts foods to energy.
  • Bottom line, if you want to get healthier, stay healthy, keep energy up, or make weight loss fulfilling, blueberries are a perfect part of your daily diet.

Fun Flavor


blueberries fun flavor

If you don’t end up eating all of your blueberries right out of the box, here are some healthy ways to sweeten up your meals with them.

  • Add them to your salads.  And don’t stop at green salads.  Blueberries are a sweet burst of flavor for chicken salad, or even a grain salad like farro.
  • Make a sauce by heating them on the stove with just enough coconut oil to keep them from sticking the pan.  Add the sauce as part of a marinade, or a dessert topping, no sugar needed.  Of course if you want sweet blueberry syrup, just add your favorite sweetener while cooking.
  • Make green smoothies tastier with the combo of blueberries & bananas.
  • Dry your blueberries in the oven for 2-3 hours at 225°, or in the sun.  Then make a trail mix with your favorite healthy cereal and nuts & dried blueberries, or save them for winter baking.  For tips on how to dry blueberries in the sun, visit masalaherb.com


Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about the blueberry, and if you want to add them to your box, you can do that right here.