Basil Trivia

Basil Trivia

The rich history of basil goes back thousands of years, and the sweet herb is used in just about every culture in the eastern, and western world.  Here’s a little basil trivia for your enjoyment.


fresh grown basil

  1. An annual (new seeds have to be sown every year), basil is in the mint family, and the main source is Egypt, with the United States being second.

  2. There are between 50 and 150 varieties of basil, though most are classified as sweet basil.

  3. Ancient cultures had many superstitions with basil, including that a leaf would turn into a scorpion if left under a pot for a period of time.  The word “basil” means kingly or godly in Greek, and the ancient Greeks believed the plant would grow only if curses were screamed while sowing the seeds.

  4. The Krishna & Vishnu hold basil sacred & it is believed that a house surrounded by it is blessed.  Every good Hindu goes to rest with a basil leaf on their breast.

  5. Beyond a favorite herb in so many cuisines, basil is also said to help aid digestion, remedy fevers, and encourage a merry heart.

basil tomatoe sandwich