Beets Trivia

Beets Trivia

The beet is a one of a kind veggie that is great raw, roasted, in smoothies, soups, and even desserts.  The earthy taste is a favorite for foodies, and the nutritional content puts beets on the superfood list.  Here’s some facts about the beet.


blood orange and beet salad

  1. They were originally cultivated as early as 2000 BC for the greens and not the roots, which were used for some medicinal purposes.

  2. One of those veggies that it seems you either love or hate, the earthy flavor comes from a substance called geosmin, which also causes the fresh soil scent that comes after rain.

  3. The red color comes from betalin, which also helps flush out toxins and actually inspired women in Victorian England to use beets to tint their hair, lips, and cheeks.

  4. Even more aesthetics, beets can help you feel good & smell good.  They combat garlic breath as well as reducing hangover symptoms (due to their liver detoxifying properties.  Read more about the superfood qualities of beets from Web MD.

  5. Beets are one of the best sources of nitrates, which improve blood flow in the heart, brain, muscles, and throughout the body.

beet juice