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Farm Boxes vs. Meal Boxes

Farm Boxes vs. Meal Boxes

Farm Boxes and Meal Boxes are such a nice way to eat well and make life easy.  But they’re not the same, and each has its benefits, for sure.  When you learn about food delivery services, it’s important to know these differences to make an educated decision to suit your needs.


Meal Kits

Meal Kits (or meal boxes) are when you get a specified amount of prepared, or ready to prepare food delivered.  All you need to do is either cook or heat up, and serve, kind of like a modern day TV dinner at your doorstep.  If you are so busy that you just cannot find the time to cook your meals, this may be an option.  Typically, these meal boxes are specified by diet, so if you are new to a certain lifestyle (like vegan or keto), meal boxes can help you by not having to think about your diet, and just enjoy what you have to eat.  There are three things you should consider before choosing meal box delivery.

  1. Amount.  Meal kits cover a certain amount of meals for the week, and typically it’s not for every meal of the day.  Super convenient for the dinners you get, but not necessarily comprehensive.
  2. Cost. Typically, meal boxes are on the pricier side.  So it may not be much less than going out to eat, but obviously much more convenient, and typically healthier.
  3. Longevity.  Simply put, you could get tired of what has been decided for you.  If you’re more about being provided for and taking time to do other things, you may stick with your meal kit for a long time.

Farm Boxes

Farm boxes come with fresh seasonal produce, so you can have your healthy food delivered, and you get to decide what to do with it.  Depending on the type of farm box you choose, you may or may not get to pick what goes in it each week.  Farm boxes are a great way to get healthy food from local farms, without having to make that trip to the farmers market or grocery store.  You can consider these three things before choosing farm box delivery.

  1. Preference.  Like meal boxes, many farm boxes come with only the best of the season in each week’s box.  If you choose Daily Harvest Express, you could look ahead at the What’s in my Box page & see what comes in your subscription or even change it anytime.  You could also build your own box & get exactly what you want.
  2. Contents.  Farm boxes are full of produce.  You won’t get the rest of the ingredients to your meal included.  If you’d like everything for the week, you can buy meats, eggs, cheese, snacks, and pantry items and have your own choice of what you eat each week delivered.
  3. Planning.  When you get your farm box, you may not know what to do with everything inside.  If you’re looking for simple, there are recipes included in each week’s box, as well as a recipes page where you can search for each meal or ingredient.

So if you are looking for the easiest way to eat at home, meal boxes may be for you.  If it’s more about healthy, local, knowing everything you put in your body, and  skipping the trip to the grocery store, farm boxes may be your best bet.