Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

With all of the delicious orange varieties available in Southern California, and our connection to the best organic farms, it is so perfect for us to be able to offer fresh squeezed orange juice in the farm boxes.  You don’t have to make it yourself, and you get the perfect blend.  It only makes sense that we should give you a bit of info that you may not have known about what is so great about fresh squeezed orange juice (outside of the taste).

Eating or Drinking Your Oranges


For many, the choice is clear.  They would simply rather have a glass of juice.  Not all being big fruit or vegetable eaters, it may be the only way some of us get vitamins and flavonoids.  But there actually are benefits to drinking orange juice versus eating an orange.  A study done by the American Chemical Society found that the flavonoids and carotenoids are absorbed better through drinking and the difference was significant, as much as 15% more!

Orange Juice Blends


glass of orange juice

Any orange juice that is sold as a blend, is from seasonal availability and to give the best flavor.  However, with mass produced orange juice, the variety of availability will be less because of the higher demand for production.  Without that limitation, locally made is a naturally sweeter and more flavorful juice (It takes three oranges to make one cup of juice, so that is what makes the variety such a benefit).  If you’ve tried our orange juice made by Chef Michael, you know how yummy the perfect combo of oranges can be!

Frozen or Refrigerated


glasses of orange juice

This is not concentrate!  When you get your orange juice from Daily Harvest Express, it’ll be freshly squeezed and flash frozen so that it stays fresh during delivery, and you can just put it in the refrigerator & enjoy.  There are no negatives at all that come from freezing orange juice.  No nutrients are lost.



juiced oranges

Speaking of Freshness, how long does fresh squeezed orange juice last?  If you keep it frozen, it’ll last in the container for months.  Once it’s thawed in the refrigerator, it’ll last for several days.  If you haven’t tried Chef Michal’s fresh squeezed orange juice yet, be sure to give it a taste right here.