Give the gift of time

Give the gift of time

It’s the holidays and we’re all thinking about what to give our friends and loved ones. Here at Daily Harvest we’ve been also letting you know all about our gift baskets, and every local shop has gift items wrapped with lovely ribbons and bows. For the last few months I’ve been busy gathering up gifts for our grand kids, which are stuffed in every closet in our house and are overflowing into the spare room.

Tis’ the season for giving and it’s a wonderful way to wrap up a year that has had more than it’s share of losses, on a personal, national and worldwide scale. I’ve been pondering about the contrast of a season marked with joy, light and giving, against a backdrop of incidents we’ve experienced in our own life as well as what we’ve witnessed on the news this past year.

What’s really important? How do I want to celebrate this year?

A dear friend who recently returned from volunteering with the Red Cross during the Camp Fire told me this morning, “I’m having a hard time getting into decorating my house for Christmas after being with so many people who just lost everything.”

After talking a while, we both concluded that the best gift we can give each other is our time, and we committed to a time to meet to celebrate our friendship and share a cup of cheer. We’re not letting any more time pass before we get together.

Give the Gift of Time 

Time is the most precious gift we can give. In fact, it’s priceless! There’s nothing that can compare to the gift of time, and once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back.

Time given strengthens relationships with our family, friends, and the community we live in. Time together with those we love builds memories that outlive us and time with those we struggle with can bring healing and reconciliation.

It’s hard to find time in these busy days but finding it and giving it is possible.

Make Time to Share a Homemade Meal

One of the best ways to give time to those you love is to prepare and eat meals together. Taking the time to prepare a meal then sharing it together can reset the day and allow us to experience truly living in the moment — just focusing on being with each other.

OK to be simple

That’s one of the benefits of getting a Farm Box of fresh produce. It takes time to prepare it and that can be done together with your favorite people. Am I right? Yup!

When I come home from a long day at DHE, I’m tired and I DO NOT feel like cooking…EVER! But once I open the fridge, check out my fruits and veggies and start chopping up something, I relax and get into it.

He always is so appreciative!

Sometimes I will ‘google’ the food in there to find a recipe first that will inspire me! There’s a wonderful article, The Very Real Psychological Benefits of Cooking For Other People, that explains how cooking is an act of giving and has been linked to increased happiness, decreased depression, and overall wellbeing.

This coming year I want to make relationships my priority. That means I will need to make more time for others…

  • Giving time to a lonely senior citizen.
  • Taking time to return a phone call to a friend.
  • Making a sandwich and sharing it with someone who is hungry.
  • Taking more time to have play-dates with my grandchildren.

Today, I’m taking time to share with you my heart and wishing you precious time and happy moments with those you love this year.

To whom will you give the gift of your time this year?

“Where are you? Here. What time is it? Now. What are you? This moment.”

~Dan Millman “The Peaceful Warrior”

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