Keeping the Energy Up While Working from Home

Keeping the Energy Up While Working from Home

Adjusting to Working from Home

Working from home sounds like a dream.  Relaxing in your PJs while getting your work taken care of at your own pace, being able to take care of things as you need to.  Yes, it could be a nice life, but for many of us, it’s more work to stay energized, and organized working from home than if we just went to work, did our job, and left it there at the end of the day.

Staying Energized

Taking precautions against the Coronavirus finds so many of us staying in, with the added challenge of making sure our kids get their schoolwork done, while we still have to do a full days work.  So with all of the distractions of everyday life now becoming part of our work day, it’s even more important than it usually is to have the energy to carry out the day, and not give in to the temptation of taking naps, putting the TV on, or anything else that makes our work from home days more like sick days.  So here’s  a few tips to help you have productive days working from home.

  1. Set up your workspace.

setting up workspace from home

If possible, make a dedicated workspace, set aside from distractions.  Ideally, you’d want to be away from the kitchen, television, or any area where other tasks or hobbies are nearby.  A place where you can close the door is best.

2. Get dressed for work.


dressed for work

Starting your workday as normal will help you keep your routine & get in the weekday mindset.  Plus, you’ll feel more upbeat and alive than lounging around in pajamas.  In this strange time of uncertainty, we need as much normalcy as we have the ability to control.

3. Keep on top of your eating habits.


snack break

As mentioned above, you want to keep your routine.  This should include getting your lunch and snacks ready in the morning, along with your water or coffee, as you usually would.  Have your snacks by your work area as well.  If you typically order out for lunch, then order out from home.  If you bring lunch, make it ahead as usual.  There may be some adjustments you need to make, such as having your own snacks or coffee ready, so think of that when you’re getting ready in the morning.

The Bright Side

One good thing about working from home is that it gives you a chance to create new healthy habits.  Like having fresh fruit and healthier snacks for your breaks, or taking breaks to keep yourself nourished, hydrated and energized.  So you could see the Coronavirus hibernation as a way to re-energize, or reset your work life, an opportunity to make those few little changes you just haven’t gotten around to.  You’ll be more motivated and ready to rock the day.