Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar


Sicilian lemon white balsamic vinegar of Modena from Baker & Olive, a specialty shop that curates the finest collection of balsamic vinegars and olive oils from around the world.  200 ml.


A perfect balance of sweet white balsamic & tart Sicilian lemon.  This balsamic makes a fantastic marinade or sauce for seafood, or a summery salad! You could even add it to a mixed drink for a tangy surprise.

Pairs well with mushroom & sage or herbs de Provence olive oil.

Baker & Olive crafts the finest balsamic vinegar produced in the traditional Modena, Italy style.  The white balsamic vinegar is aged 12 years & all the flavors and sweetness occur naturally in the aging process.



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200 ml, 400 ml


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