Why I love local: Reason #1 – the farmers

Why I love local: Reason #1 – the farmers


When you run a small business, there’s a lot that can go wrong during the day and keep you up worrying at night. But, when you have inspiring reasons WHY you are doing the business…that will keep you going strong in spite of the challenges and sleepless nights!

Our number one reason WHY we started Daily Harvest was to be help boost sales and revenue for our local farmers. It still is!


They come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds but they all have the best qualities any person can have. They’re not afraid of hard work. They are as real as the dirt (or water) they work in and the produce they grow. They give you the fruit of their labor and they have pride in what they produce. They are humble, because every day Mother Nature teaches them that they aren’t in control of everything.


Farmer Steve and his faithful companion, Toni delivering Tangelos


Meet Steve – his family owns Rancho B’Jailie, an avocado and citrus orchard in North County. Every week, he and Toni deliver their goods to us, while also bringing fruit from another farmer who can’t drive down. He always has a smile for us and Toni always has a wag for us. People like Steve and Toni don’t just bring us delicious Tangelos and Avocados…no, they bring in the Sunshine and remind us of what we LOVE about our business.

We love local farmers!