Best Veggies for Dessert (Part 2)

Best Veggies for Dessert (Part 2)

There was so many tasty desserts made with veggies last week, that we just had to continue with even more for this week, and these veggies are more of a surprise ingredient for dessert than some of the classics from last week.  So without further adieu, here’s part two of veggies for dessert.


carrot spinach brownies

If it goes in smoothies, it would make sense that spinach would be a great way to add the power packed green to desserts.  Just like adding spinach to any smoothie, you could bake spinach into just about anything.  Chocolate is a favorite partner of dessert veggies like spinach, and these carrot and spinach brownies from Jessica Sienfeld are so good that Oprah couldn’t get enough!  You can also make cupcakes, cake, cookies & these muffins from Natural Beauty!


Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato ice cream pie

Sweet and a healthy high fiber carb option, we love to use this well known superfood in so many ways.  Taste of Home has 28 sweet potato dessert recipes, including pastries, cakes, cheesecakes, and several modern sweet potato pies.  Yum!


Spaghetti Squash

spaghetti squash keer

When we think of squash for dessert, it usually means pumpkin, butternut, and zucchini.  Well, it’s time to add spaghetti squash to that list.  After all, the mild flavor is why we use it in so many ways in main dishes, so dessert is a no brainer.  The texture can compliment or replace coconut, and it’s a low calorie. low carb option to replace rice.  Whip up this spaghetti squash version of Kheer from Ujwala’s Delicacies (Indian rice pudding) and be instantly transported to India.


eggplant brownies

Okay eggplant skeptics, this one’s for you.  We know it’s good for you, like all veggies, so if you don’t like the texture in savory recipes, the answer is dessert!  Eggplant makes desserts moist, and is an easy addition to baking.  You can find a yummy eggplant chocolate cake right here from our eggplant blog, or these fudgy eggplant brownies from My Berry Forest may make the top of your brownie recipe list!


corn dessert


Cultures around the world make the most of corn in numerous ways, and dessert is no exception.  Filipinos make a corn rice pudding called Ginataang Mais, and a coconut corn pudding called Maja Blanca.  Mexico offers tons of corn desserts, like this sweet corn cake, and our very own American classic snack, caramel corn definitely is worth a mention, especially The Speckled Palate’s recipe for caramel corn cookies!


All of these amazing creations will be sure to keep us busy with creativity, experimenting, and of course a little healthier eating during the rest of the pandemic.  We’ll bet a few of them will become a regular favorite for the entire family!