How to pick the perfect peach

How to pick the perfect peach

Every summer we used pile the kids in the van to make the journey north from San Diego to Oregon to visit our extended family. One of the highlights of the trip was stopping at the roadside farm stands off the highway in Central Valley and grabbing as many peaches, plums, and apricots as we could manage.

A bit of this year’s harvest from sweet tree farms

Fresh picked peaches are a sensory blast

Everyone I know that has experienced tasting a fresh picked California peach or nectarine while in the San Joaquin Valley will almost swoon when describing them. We often see our customers do a similar swoon or recall their grandpa’s farm when they bite into Daily Harvest Express peaches too…that’s a very nice compliment!

it doesn’t get sweeter than this!

Interesting tidbit…90% of all the peaches sold in the United States are grown in the San Joaquin Valley, just south of Fresno

So, here’s a question…since peaches are all “local”, why is there such difference in taste and texture between the peaches you enjoy at a roadside farm stand and the peaches at our grocery store?

There’s a couple of reasons – peaches destined for the store must be picked as soon as possible to allow for shipping and handling, which means that they don’t get that extra time to ripen perfectly. Also, since peaches begin dehydrating after harvesting, every day makes a difference in how juicy it will be.  Needless to say, it makes a huge difference if your peach is organically grown.

orchard at sweet tree farms

Where do our peaches come from?

We are really blessed to get our peaches directly from Sweet Tree Farms and Smit Orchards, both right in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. They pick and deliver them to us every weekend and then we pack them in our fruit boxes and farm boxes.

The only thing better than our peaches are the ones right at those roadside farm stands. If you don’t have time to drive to Fresno, we’ve got you covered.

How do you pick the best peach to enjoy?

Where do you get your peaches?

If you’re getting a fruit & veggie farm box this week, lucky you! They’ll have a pound of peaches! If you want to add more to your farm box, then just go to our Build A Box page and add fresh peaches and other stone fruit.  You can always build a custom box on our Build A Box page as well. We update it every Friday with what will be available the following week.

got peaches?

Check out our What’s in my box? to see what’s in your farm box this coming week!

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