The Big Deal about Microgreens

The Big Deal about Microgreens

You may have heard of microgreens, seen them in the store, or even on a restaurant menu.  Maybe you’ve had them and got a taste of the big flavor in the little bites.  We have, and we’re hooked.  So we’re so excited to have them in the box & on the truck this week!  What’s the big deal about microgreens?  Let’s take a look.

Macro Nutritious

Microgreens are not sprouts, or baby greens.  The difference is you don’t eat the whole plant like you do with sprouts, and microgreens are picked when they are only a week or two old (a few weeks before baby greens).  The flavor is more intense, and the nutrients are too.  In fact, you get more than five times the nutrients than you do with fully grown plants, in some cases up to forty times more!  The type of soil and growing conditions are factors in what you can get out of your microgreens.  Typically, the shelf life is short, due to the plastic packaging.  But the amazing farmer at High Ranch in Lakeside has a perfect solution to that!  They grow them in peat pots, so the greens can breathe and live longer.

Macro Flavor

High end chefs have been using microgreens for over 30 years to add flavor in texture to their dishes.  Awesome for soups or salads, there’s a ton you can do with them.

To get the most out of our favorite little delights, we’ve got these fun ideas.

  1. Pestomicrogreen pestoChop your microgreens in a blender or food processer with garlic, pine nuts and Pecorino or Parmesan (for exact measurements, use this recipe from PFC Market).  Then add extra virgin olive oil slowly while the blender is on.  Top on pasta, pizza, dips, mixed in a salad dressing, or even on a protein.
  2. The La Jolla Crab Stackcrab stack with microgreensWay easier than it looks.  Get the recipe here.
  3. Smoothiesmicrogreen smoothieBlend with apples, bananas, cucumber and oranges.
  4. Use in Breads or cakeszucchini microgreen breadLike this zucchini, carrot and microgreen cake (click for recipe).
  5. Breakfastmicrogreen avocado eggsPoached or fried eggs with microgreens and avocado-instant classic!

Such a treat to have local organic microgreens!  Check to see what we have in stock here.

Learn more about the nutrition info of microgreens from Dr. Weil here.